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Open Cockpits Day

2nd June 2019

Open Cockpits Day is a unique chance to climb aboard the Museum’s amazing collection of aircraft and also enjoy investigating others from a close distance. Many of our aircraft are entirely complete, including cockpits and we often hear how our visitors would love to see inside.

For the first time ever, we are arranging access to the cockpits of these aircraft for our visitors to enjoy first hand. We will have a selection of our aircraft available for visitors to climb aboard and enjoy an explanation from our expert guides on the systems inside the cockpits and how the aircrew flew these amazing aircraft.

Other aircraft from our collection will also be available to be investigated at closer quarters than is normally possible, making this day a great opportunity to learn more about the amazing range of aircraft that reside here at the Museum.

So, if you have ever wanted to climb aboard the Nimrod and experience her unique aroma, or sit inside a jet cockpit on top of an ejector seat, then this is your chance.

Open Cockpits Day is a Special Event, prices for admission are £15 Adult, £12 Concession, £7 Child & £40 Family (2 Adults & 3 Children)

For the very first Yorkshire Air Museum Open Cockpits Day we will have a combination of aircraft for visitors to climb aboard and experience, plus other aircraft with access to look inside.

Here’s a list of the aircraft we will have available for Open Cockpits Day, plus a list of other aircraft that will be on display with access to cockpits for viewing through the open doorways or from the ground level.

Aircraft To Climb Aboard

Nimrod XV250 – enjoy an end to end guided tour of the interior of this majestic Cold War surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. Learn more about the specialist radar systems and see behind the scenes of Nimrod XV250 and meet some of the team who care for her.

Buccaneer S2B – A very, very rare chance to climb aboard our pink Buccaneer and see the interior of this Gulf War veteran aircraft. Buccaneer XX901 had an illustrious service record with the Royal Air Force. In 1983, it took part in the only deployment by Buccaneers to the Falklands and later saw action over Beirut.

Lightning – This interceptor jet was designed with one objective, to launch, climb and attack incoming nuclear bombers. Climb inside the cockpit and see what it was like aboard this supersonic fighter.

Canberra T4 – Our Canberra is a very rare training aircraft, with dual controls and additional seats.

Meteor F8 – the single seat version of the fighter aircraft that was one of Britains very first jets.

Meteor NF14 – As the restoration of our NF14 Meteor continues, the cockpit area is now restored. Be amongst the first public visitors ever to climb abaord this night fighter jet and talk with the team who are restoring here.

Harrier – The Museum’s early Harrier VTOL jet is currently undergoing a complete repaint. However, for Cockpits Day we have suspended the work to allow visitors to climb aboard this famous jet.

Tornado GR4 – The Museum’s Tornado is one of two Tornados based here. Take an opportunity to climb aboard the pilot and navigator positions of this multi role aircraft and learn more about the systems.

Dragonfly Helicopter – Lovingly restored by one of the Museum’s volunteers who passed away a short time ago, Mac would have been proud to see the Dragonfly helicopter enjoying so much attention.

Vampire – just like our two Meteor jets, the Vampire was an early generation jet aircraft. These post World War Two jets have a completely different cockpit environment to today’s glass cockpit systems, so enjoy seeing what life was like as an early generation jet pilot.

Dakota – our C47 Dakota is famous from our Thunder Days. Take a glimpse aboard the cockpit area. She’s a live aircraft, ready to start so while we cannot allow you all the way to the pilot’s seat (we think you’d be too tempted!) everyone can climb aboard and explore her all the way to the navigator / radio operator position and take a closer look than ever into this live aircraft cockpit

Aircraft Viewing From Access Steps or From the Floor

Not all of our aircraft are robust enough to allow a large volume of visitors to climb aboard them. Our rare biplanes are constructed from wood and fabric, so it’s not really fair on them to expect a great many visitors to climb all over them. While others are simply very difficult to climb into, even for able bodied people. So instead, the following aircraft can be accessed from the ground or view from a platform.

Victor – We would love to be able to allow everyone to sit inside the Victor, however she is a live jet and has a tiny access hatch. Instead, Andre and the team are allowing visitors to climb the crew ladders and take a look inside of that famous cockpit.

AVRO 504 – a beautiful yet delicate aircraft, our AVRO can be viewed close up, from ground level.

SE5a – Our live SE5a, just like our AVRO, is a delicate WW1 design and needs to be handled with care. However, you can easily see inside the cockpit of the WW1 fighter for a glimpse of what life will have been like for history’s very first fighter pilots.

Eastchurch Kitten – you didn’t really think you could fit into the tiny Kitten did you? Here’s a chance to see inside of the tiny cockpit of this WW1 aircraft and talk with engineers Brian and Graham who take care of them

Devon – Not the easiest of aircraft to climb aboard, our Devon can be viewed from the open doorway, with a great opportunity to talk with the team who take care of her and keep her in top shape

Fairchild Argus – a delicate light transport aircraft, the Argus will be available to take a closer look at.

Hawker Hunter T7 – The bright blue Hunter T7 will be available to take a closer look at from the viewing platform.

WACO Glider – the delicate WACO glider was only ever intended to be used once. With the anniversary of D Day upon us, take some time to take a look at the perilous way that troops were transported into battle behind enemy lines in June 1944

PLEASE NOTE – while we make every effort to ensure aircraft availability on the day, the above information is subject to operational demands and may change.

A compulsory registration and safety briefing must be undertaken before access to the aircraft. Access to the aircraft is at the sole discretion of the Museum staff and we reserve the right to refuse access should we deem it unsafe for an individual. While we have no strict age, weight or height limitations, it is expected that visitors should be agile enough, of appropriate build and in suitable health to climb aboard the aircraft.

Please understand that some aircraft were designed to be flown by young, fit, agile pilots and may be unsuitable for access for everyone. We trust that visitors will work with us and understand the limitations that may be placed on access from time to time.

Clothing – access to the aircraft requires a simple harness for some. Please wear sensible clothing and footwear to help us ensure you get the most from your experience.

Open Cockpits Day is a Special Event, prices for admission are £15 Adult, £12 Concession, £7 Child & £40 Family (2 Adults & 3 Children)


2nd June 2019
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