The Bright Squadrons


Almost 300 pages, this hard backed book is a unique chronological account of the wartime love story of two young people. Edited by French veteran's daughter and film maker Genevieve Monneris and Barbara Harper-Nelson herself, with the letters translated by Michel Darribehaude, son of another French veteran of RAF Elvington.

A wonderful and emotional day by day collection of letters from the “front line” and the corresponding diary entries of “Barbiche” (her nickname), once the nineteeen year old girlfriend from Liverpool, of 22 year old French airman Francis Usai, who served at RAF Elvington with Bomber Command during World War Two.

Amazingly, she kept the 360+ letters (amounting to over 2000 pages) from her young French airman as he served from RAF Elvington in North Yorkshire and undertook nightly missions into Germany during the Battle of the Ruhr. This is the largest single collection of letters from that period now in the French National Archives in Paris, and contains high emotions from the daily loss of comrades alongside the often hilarious (and subltle) comedy of two young people getting on with their lives whilst the world is at war around them.

50% of all aircrew were killed in this period and the intensity of their love story told through their correspondence catches the heart.  A unique and very special insight.

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Product Description

  • 300 pages, hard back
  • Colour dusk jacket
  • The chronological story of romance in World War Two
  • Told through the translation of letters, journals and diary entries of the young couple


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