Nimrod, Buccaneer and Devon "Anti-Det" Run Sunday 3rd February!

by Ian Richardson on 1st February 2013

It is the first Sunday in February coming up and this means it is time for another regular “anti-det” run of some of the live aircraft.

This Sunday, 3rd February, it is the turn of the “mighty hunter” Nimrod MR2 XV250 to fire up her four Rolls Royce Spey engines, to give them a blast through. However, the Blackburn BuccaneerXN978 will also be powered up with her twin RR Speys.

But, this is not all as┬áthe De Havilland Devon twin prop will be started up and will conduct a slightly longer taxi run, on a new peice of tarmac ‘runway’ we have recently had laid, which will be great to see. The Devon is always quite spectacular when it fires up, as the enginges usually roar into life with a flume of blue smoke as the Gypsy Majors spin into life. There is nothing untoward in this, just a feature of the engines of this era, but it evokes a real sense of ‘yesteryear’ aviation!

There are no specific timings, but the activity is likely to take place from late morning into the early afternoon, with a break for lunch, where the usual Sunday roast will be available in the NAAFI style cafe’.

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