Aircraft Exhibits

Pre-World War Two Aircraft

As diverse as the tiny Flying Flea to the famous SE-5A WW1 fighter, our collection of pre-world war two aviation is a great study of early aviation. Combine it with our new Pioneers of Aviation exhibition and it’s a great way to learn about early aviation and it’s icons.

World War Two Aircraft

From huge carefully restored aircraft like our Halifax and DC3 Dakota to the nimble Mosquito and iconic Spitfire and Hurricane, our collection of World War Two exhibits covers a wide range. Our extensive collection of aviation related military vehicles can often be seen parked near by, proving some great photo opportunities.

Post-World War Two Aircraft

It can be difficult to comprehend that aircraft still in active service such as the Tornado could be a museum exhibit, but we have no less than two very early examples on display. We also have cold war icons such as the Victor Tanker, two Hunters, Lockheed T33, two Gloster Meteors, Buccaneer, Javelin and so many more. As we begin to remember our service personnel who served in more recent conflicts, it has become vital work to preserve the aircraft they flew in.